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It is our hope, that this website will be a valuable resource for Dickinson students as well as students in other communities. We also hope that this website will give prospective Binghamton University students some insight as to what campus life is like here. If you have any questions about this website, or if you see something that needs correcting, E-Mail us.

The Dickinson Office

The main office for Dickinson Community is located in the basement of O'Connor Hall and the entrance is across from the back entrance to Dickinson Dining Hall. The Office is open from 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Friday. For questions or concerns about Dickinson Community, please call 607-777-2826 (x2826 on campus). Click here for a list of the current office staff.

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Overview This is a brief overview of Dickinson Community.
Virtual Tour See what a Dickinson room is like and learn more about the resources available to you in the halls.
A Brief History Lesson Want to know where Dickinson and it's halls got their names, as well as some other interesting facts?
Champlain Hall A narrative on Champlain Hall.
Digman Hall A narrative on Digman Hall.
Johnson Hall A narrative on Johnson Hall.
O'Connor Hall A narrative on O'Connor Hall.
Rafuse Hall A narrative on Rafuse Hall.
Whitney Hall A narrative on Whitney Hall.
Organizations Check out the organizations of Dickinson Community.
Dickinson Town Council Dickinson's Area Council
Mentors and Fellows Faculty and Staff who are a great resource for Dickinson Residents.
Community Programs A list of programs facilitated by the staff and councils for the benefit of Dickinson residents.
Special Interest Housing in Dickinson A description of the special housing available for students interested in technology or in the visual and performing arts.
Dickinson Dining Hall A good place to find out more about Binghamton University's busiest dining hall.
Annual Events Year to year events that Dickinson residents are involved in!
On-going Activities Check here to find out what's been going on and what's coming up!
Calendar Check out the calendar of important dates for Binghamton University students.
Guestbook (Unavailable) You can leave us a note or make your presence felt here.
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