Dickinson Town Council

Election Procedures

Dickinson Town Council Election Procedures



I.††††††††† Jurisdiction


A.††††††† These bylaws govern the following:


1.†††††††† The elections for all Dickinson Town Council officers as established by the DTC Constitution.


2.†††††††† The elections for all Resident Hall Council positions in Dickinson Community.


3.†††††††† The elections for all other elected positions elected by the full membership of DTC.


B.†††††††† For the election of Student Association Representatives, election procedures shall be superseded by election regulations established by the Student Association.


C.††††††† In cases of conflict the DTC constitution shall have precedence.


II.††††††† Election Committee


A.††††††† Composition


1.†††††††† Shall be comprised of an elected chair and any interested members of DTC.


2.†††††††† No member of the Election Committee shall be a candidate in an election under the jurisdiction of the committee.


B.†††††††† Powers and Responsibilities


1.†††††††† Shall run all elections under the jurisdiction of these bylaws.


2.†††††††† Is not accountable to any other student authority other than DTC.


3.†††††††† Shall be responsible for publicity concerning elections, letters of intent, polling times, results, and any other pertinent information.


4.†††††††† The following information must be publicized concerning elections:


a.†††††††† the positions up for election.


b.†††††††† the deadline for letters of intent.


c.†††††††† the date, time, and location of elections.


III.†††††† Election Protocol


A.††††††† Letters of Intent


1.†††††††† All candidates must submit a letter of intent in order to appear on the ballot.A candidate who does not submit a letter of intent before the official deadline shall not have his/her name appear on the ballot, but rather must run as a write-in candidate.


2.†††††††† At least seven (7) days shall be given for the filing of letters of intent.


3.†††††††† Letters of intent shall be collected by Elections Chair or other designated non-candidate appointee.


4.†††††††† At least seventy-two (72) hours shall elapse between the closing of letters of intent and the time of the election.


5.†††††††† An opportunity must be given for all candidates to speak at the appropriate hall meeting or DTC meeting before the election takes place.


B.†††††††† Voting Procedures


1.†††††††† Elections for DTC shall be held in an area deemed suitable by the election committee.


2.†††††††† Elections shall be held for a minimum of four (4) hours and a maximum of eight (8) hours on the advertised election day.


3.†††††††† All campaign material shall be removed which is within sight or sound of the polls.


4.†††††††† No candidate or agent of a candidate may distribute literature endorsing or publicizing the candidate within 100 feet of sight or sound of any polling place on the day of the election.


5.†††††††† As persons come to vote, they must:


a.†††††††† present a valid ID card.


b.†††††††† sign their name on a voter roster.


c.†††††††† receive and vote only on those ballots to which they are eligible.


d.†††††††† persons whose names do not appear on the roster can vote by signing their name and student ID number on the roster.


6.†††††††† Persons manning the polls shall:


a.†††††††† verify the identity of those voting.


b.†††††††† check the voterís name on a list of all eligible voters.


c.†††††††† present only those ballots to which the voter is entitled.


d.†††††††† prevent any electioneering within sight or sound of the polls.


e.†††††††† not express an opinion on the candidates or issues to voters.


7.†††††††† The ballot box must not be left unattended at any time.


8.†††††††† Candidates are not permitted to be poll sitters.


C.††††††† Counting the Ballots


1.†††††††† Results of elections shall not be released until all votes for a particular position have been counted.Counting for a particular election will not commence until the polls for that election are closed.


2.†††††††† No candidate may count ballots in an election.


3.†††††††† All ballot counters must be approved by the Elections Chair.


4.†††††††† The exact number of voters shall be determined from the roster of voterís initials.The ballots are to be counted to determine the exact number of ballots cast.If there are more ballots cast than voter initials on the roster, it will be determined if the excess ballots affect the outcome of the election.If they will affect the outcome, then the election will be invalidated.


5.†††††††† A candidate that is running unopposed in an election, must receive the majority (over 50%) of votes cast to be elected to the position.


6.†††††††† If an election is opposed, the first place candidate must receive at least 40% of the total votes cast.


7.†††††††† In the event that no candidate receives the required amount of votes or in case of a tie, a run-off election will be held at the first opportunity.


8.†††††††† If no one in the run-off election receives the required number of votes, a majority of DTC may permanently appoint someone to the position or schedule new elections.


9.†††††††† Run-off elections

a.†††††††† In a run-off election, only the top two candidates in terms of votes shall appear on the ballot.

b.†††††††† In the case of a tie, all candidates that received equal numbers of votes shall appear on the ballot.

c.†††††††† There shall be a space for write-in candidates in a run-off election.Any votes cast for those not appearing on the ballot shall be considered void.


D.††††††† Election Schedule


1.†††††††† Elections for DTC Executive Board positions, the elections chair and Co-Rec coordinator shall take place in the month of April for the following year.The term of office shall be for one academic year, beginning at the conclusion of the spring semester of election.


2.†††††††† Elections for Residence Hall Council positions shall take place within the first three (3) weeks of classes in the fall semester.The term of office shall be for one academic year, beginning at the time of election.


3.†††††††† Elections for all other positions must take place no later than the sixth (6th) week of the fall semester.The term of office shall be for one academic year, beginning at the time of election.


E.†††††††† Eligibility for Office


1.†††††††† A candidate for any office must be an undergraduate resident of Dickinson Community at the time of election.


2.†††††††† A candidate for a Resident Hall Council position must also be an undergraduate resident of the said hall at the time of election.


3.†††††††† Anyone who has been elected to an office and is no longer an undergraduate resident of Dickinson Community, and for Resident Hall Council, the hall of election, shall no longer be considered as holding the said office.


4.†††††††† No person shall be permitted to run for two positions with guaranteed voting rights in DTC in the same election.


5.†††††††† No person shall be permitted to run for two Resident Hall Council positions in the same election.


6.†††††††† RAís may not run for positions on the DTC Executive Board or Resident Hall Councils, with the exception of Student Association Representative.


F.†††††††† Vacancies


1.†††††††† An office shall be considered vacant when:


a.†††††††† The position is resigned.


b.†††††††† The person holding the position is recalled by his/her constituency.


c.†††††††† The person holding a position moves out of the constituency which he/she was elected in.


2.†††††††† In the event of a vacancy, an election shall be held within two (2) weeks, unless:


a.†††††††† for all Resident Hall Council positions except President


i.††††††††† if there is only a single candidate, a majority of the present and voting members of a regularly scheduled hall meeting may vote to cancel an election and appoint a replacement.


ii.††††††††† at least seven (7) days must be given to accept letters of intent.


iii.†††††††† at least fifteen (15) residents of the hall must be present when this vote takes place.


b.†††††††† for DTC positions except Executive Board positions and Hall Presidents:


i.††††††††† if there is only a single candidate, a 2/3 majority of DTC may vote to cancel the election and appoint a replacement.


ii.††††††††† a majority vote of DTC is needed to be appointed to the office.


iii.†††††††† at least seven (7) days must be given to accept letters of intent.


3.†††††††† SA Representative vacancies shall be filled by DTC according to SA regulations.


4.†††††††† Executive board positions and the position of hall president must always be filled by an election.


5.†††††††† The DTC President may appoint a temporary officer to fill any vacant DTC position, until new elections are held.


6.†††††††† If fewer than five (5) weeks remain in the fall semester, DTC may postpone a special election from the fall semester to the spring semester.


7.†††††††† If fewer than five (5) weeks remain in the spring semester, DTC may decide by a 2/3 majority that a position need not be filled by an election.DTC may appoint someone to fill the position if necessary.This includes all Executive Board positions.


H.††††††† Campaign Regulations


1.†††††††† The Elections Committee in cooperation with the DTC Executive Board and the Residential Directors shall designate areas in each building for candidate posters.


2.†††††††† The designations shall be as follows:


a.†††††††† one (1) area on each floor -- one (1) poster, 8.5 inches by 11 inches, per candidate.


b.†††††††† either in the hall lobby or in the main lounge -- one (1) poster, no larger than 11.5 inches by 17 inches, per candidate.


c.†††††††† for community-wide positions only:an area in Dickinson Dining Hall -- one (1) poster no larger than 11.5 inches by 17 inches.


3.†††††††† No other campaign material is permitted.


4.†††††††† All candidates must abide by all current University postering policies.


5.†††††††† Campaign material may not be placed under doors or handed out directly.


unity to speak at an appropriate meeting before the election takes place.


I.††††††††† Enforcement of Campaign Regulations


1.†††††††† For the first violation of campaign rules, a warning shall be issued to the candidate.


2.†††††††† If a second violation occurs, that candidate shall be disqualified from the election.


3.†††††††† The Elections Chair shall have the authority to enforce these regulations, however DTC may by a 2/3 majority override a decision of the Elections Chair.


J.††††††††† Enforcement of Voting Regulations


1.†††††††† Any violation of voting regulations should be reported to the elections chair.


2.†††††††† Any candidate wishing to contest an election must submit a written complaint within forty-eight hours after the election to the elections chair.


3.†††††††† DTC may by a 2/3 majority invalidate all or any part of an election on the founded grounds of tampering, voter influencing, etc.


4.†††††††† Decisions of DTC may be appealed to the Judicial Board.


5.†††††††† If any election has to be invalidated because of election tampering, voter influencing or the poll being closed for an unreasonable amount of time, the halls involved shall be responsible for paying the cost of holding a new election.


6.†††††††† If DTC or the Judicial Board is unable to meet to conduct business within two (2) weeks of the election because of election disputes, any elections in dispute shall be automatically rerun under the joint supervision of the Elections Chair and the DTC Executive Board.


IV.†††††† Removal of Officers


A.††††††† Initiation of procedures to remove a DTC officer according to Article X of the Constitution shall occur in one of the following ways:


1.†††††††† A petition signed by 15% of the undergraduate residents of Dickinson Community.


2.†††††††† The agreement of 1/3 of the members of DTC voting at a council meeting.


3.†††††††† The agreement of 2/3 of the Resident Hall governments, voted upon at a regular hall meeting.


B.†††††††† A vote to remove an officer shall occur in one of the following ways:


1.†††††††† A 2/3 vote of the members of DTC in council.


2.†††††††† A 2/3 majority of those voting in a community-wide election.


C.††††††† The initiators of the recall motion must specify which of the procedures in section B that they wish to follow.


D.††††††† Upon initiation of recall procedures:


1.†††††††† An open meeting shall be held to allow all parties involved to speak.


2.†††††††† A vote must occur within two weeks of initiation of recall procedures.


E.†††††††† If 2/3 of the vote is in the affirmative, the office shall be considered vacant.


F.†††††††† The recall of Resident Hall Council officers shall be according to the following procedures:


1.†††††††† A petition signed by 25% of the residents of the said hall shall initiate recall procedures.


2.†††††††† An election shall be held within two weeks.


3.†††††††† If a majority vote of that recall election is in the affirmative, the office shall be considered vacant.


G.††††††† The Elections Chair shall be responsible for carrying out recall procedures unless recall procedures have been filed against the chair, in such a case, DTC shall appoint someone as acting chair.