Dickinson Town Council

DTC for short, is the area government of Dickinson Community. They hold weekly meetings (Sunday @9:00 p.m.) in a very informal, laid back and open setting. One of the major responsibilities is to manage and allocate approximately $20,000 of Student Association Funds they receive annually. They also sponsor many events within the community as well as the university and local community. They also sponsor the annual Mutant Mania, otherwise known as hall wars. They also plan a semi-formal at a local banquet hall during the spring semester. Throughout the year they fund the Rime Cellar in Digman Hall which has free entertainment for students every Friday night; The Academic Center, a quiet study area with coffee and many resources such as text books, a test bank, study aids like GRE and LSAT books and a computer. They also fund the Darkroom, Co-Rec Football, some Special Interest Housing (SIH) programs, the Pseudopod which offers residents access to computers and free laser printing, Residential Life programs, DC players (a theater troupe) as well as many special events.

There are opportunities for everyone to get involved, as an elected member of DTC Executive Board, Hall Executive Board, floor representative, committee chair or just to attend meetings and vote on issues before the council. There certainly is a place for everyone in DTC.

If you would like to know more about what's new in DTC, read the DTC News

To find out who the officers for DTC and the other councils throughout the community are, click here.

If you'd like to read more about how DTC functions, feel free to read the constitution

To find out about financial information regarding DTC, click here.

IF you are interested in information about elections, click here.

Extrapolated from a narrative donated by Lori Wood, DTC President Fall 1996

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