Special Interest Housing in Dickinson Community

Special Interest Housing is an opportunity for students to live together around a common interest. SIH "modules" are proposed by students, staff or faculty and give residents the chance to share their expertise or just learn more about the topic. There are many modules across the Binghamton University campus and in Dickinson, we host two of the most long-standing and active ones. They are Computers, Robotics and Engineering (CoRE) and Visual and Performing Arts (VPA). Below are more detailed descriptions of each S.I.H.

Computers, Robotics, and Engineering (CoRE)

Goals: To increase computer literacy on campus. To aid and support the community in a technical "common sense" on campus. To aid and support the community in a technical manner whenever possible. To continue to upgrade the O'Connor pseudopod in order to provide the community with better facilities, and the module with better workspace. To learn and gain experience in computer networking and operating systems administrations.

Participant Requirements: Participants must have a genuine interest in exploring the world of technology, including much more than a passing interest in computers, engineering, or robotics. Applicants must be willing to work to achieve the positive environment which will best facilitate module goals. A strong interest in learning, however, is the most critical quality, along with a willingness to devote a good deal of effort to module endeavors.

Activities: All module members are required to help staff the Pseudopod, Dickinson's Computer Pod, and must complete a project each semester related to the module or his/her interest around the topic of technology. Other opportunities for module members to get involved are, but not limited to, Parents' Weekend computer demonstration, recycling drive, renovation of the facilities in the pseudopod, Star Trek mixer, module trip to computer fair, computer seminars, Thanksgiving pot luck feast, new equipment drive for the pseudopod, Ethernet networking project. There's no limit to what module members can participate in and there's always new things going on.

Location: O'Connor Hall, Dickinson Community.

To learn more CoRE, check out their home page.

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)

The Visual and Performing Arts Special Interest Housing Module, affectionately known as VPA, is back in Dickinson this fall after being relocated to Newing College for the past year. We are glad to have VPA back in Dickinson and look forward to having the group's energy and enthusiasm in out community once again.

Goals: To provide an outlet for spontaneous discussion, practice, and even a chance to empathize with other students who share a similar passion--creative expression. To provide an opportunity to learn from others with differing talents.

Participant Requirements: An enthusiasm and love for either the visual arts or performance, production, direction, or any other aspect of the performing arts. No "artistic ability" is needed, just an appreciation of creative expression.

Activities: There is really no limit to what VPA residents can do, but some of the activities have been hosting "Come Play with Our Stuff" Fair during Dickinson Day, sharing their talents with the community through involvement in Dickinson Community Players and/or Hinman College Players, painting murals in the Rime Cellar and in the hall, and organizing the hall to make valentines for a local nursing home. Anything is possible!

Location: Digman Hall, Dickinson Community

To learn more about Special Interest Housing at Binghamton University or to find out about the wide variety of modules across campus, please contact the Office of Residential Life at 607-777-2321.


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