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There are always many events going on in Dickinson Community. Rest assured, though, that as the semester progresses, there will be many events filling this page. If you know of an event, please don't hesitate to let us. know.

We try to do a decent job covering Dickinson events, but the Frontal Lobe's weekly calendar of events has us beat. Check it out!!


On Saturday, September 27, the staff of Dickinson Community hosted the annual Dickinson Day Celebration from 12noon-5pm. This year's theme was Mardi Gras and there were all sorts of activities ranging from Co-rec football, volleyball, frisbee, tye dying, face painting, carnival games, etc. We also had free food and lots of prizes to give away. There was also music and a special appearance from STAR 105.7's Steve from Steve and Taylor In the Morning, who DJed from 12-5. Thanks a bunch Steve for staying around since we were having such a great time!

Thanks to everyone who participated and to the staff who put on a great time for everyone in Dickinson Community!!

Some fun shots from Dickinson Day this year:


Caribbean Winter Celebration

In November, the Dickinson Town Council's Social Committee hosted a Caribbean Winter Celebration! During this event, there were hot tubs outside (between Whitney and Champlain Halls), Caribbean music DJed by our very own Jason Vlasak, and wonderful "mock tail" pina coladas and other drinks prepared by the Social VP John Martin. A great time was had by all...especially those folks who dared the cold to jump in the hot tubs! Not only was this a great event, but it was also recognized by Residential Life as an outstanding program! Way to go guys!!

Co-Rec Football

After the fall bowls were over and the dust (oops...I mean mud) had settled, the Whitney Houstons took the Dickinson Bowl Championship and the Shawn W. Smith Commissioner's Trophy (he's a humble guy...really!) home for the fall season. It was a valiant effort by the Champlain Chinchillas in the finals, but they just couldn't hold up against the press of the Houstons. A few other highlights include that the O'Connor Hall OConnasaurs (yeah...you can laugh, it's OK) won their first game in 2 years and even came out of the season higher than last place. We were very proud of the effort of all the teams and had a great time!!

In case you haven't heard, Co-Rec football has been expanded to include a spring season this year! If you want to stay up to date on all the action, check out the Frontal Lobe's Co-Rec Football Page for stats and updates on you favorite teams.

College Bowl

One of the events that we're most proud of is the success of Dickinson's College Bowl Team! Eric Eichenholtz, the Academic VP, and his committee hosted a great tournament in Dickinson...unfortunately only one team could go to the University finals! However...with the quick thinking and substantial knowledge base of the the Dickinson crew, our team won the recent University Tournament and represented BU at the regional finals at the University of Rochester on February 20-22. Throughout the tournament play, the only losses that the team took were to Cornell University, last year's National Champions. After vanqueshing all other opponents, Dickinson found themselves in the finals versus Cornell. Although the final score wasn't in Dickinson's favor, they are hoping for a wild card entry into the National Finals (2 second place teams from the Regional finals will be drawn). Congratulations to the Dickinson team who represented us so well and put BU back on the map in college bowl on a national level! We'll be back next year, ready to win it all!!


On March 6th, Dickinson held its annual Spring Semi-formal at the Binghamton Regency Hotel. John Martin, Christina Ritter and the Social Committee did a great job with the festivities! Steve from 105.7 DJed the night away while the group of about 150 ate, danced and just had a plain ol good time. It was a great turnout and an excellent time for all who attended...if you get a chance, make sure you go next year!!

Mutant Mania is Over!

Mutant Mania was held from April 26th to May 3rd this year. Jared Mandel, Shawn Smith and Jen Cooper worked their tails off to not only make this the most exciting Mania ever, but the most challenging and event filled one yet. It was a tight race throughout the week, with all of the halls contributing tremendously to the overall success of the event. In the end, the final standings were:

  1. O'Connor Hall
  2. Champlain Hall
  3. Whitney Hall
  4. Johnson Hall
  5. Rafuse Hall
  6. Digman Hall

We would like to congratulate all of the halls on a great Mania and offer a hearty congratulations to O'Connor for their first win in Mania's 12 year history!
For more information on this year's Mania, check out the Frontal Lobe's Mutant Mania Calendar!

Some shots from Mutant Mania this year:

Bamboni Attacks! Whit-ney! The Champions

Dickinson Commencement
Well...what can we say...it was a great year and commencement was a great way to end it. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was great hearing all of those anecdotes from the seniors! Julia Miller's speech was inspiring...just remember, never walk from one side of the ampitheather to the other...walk around it!! And Mike Intaglietta's senior speech was insightful...and knowing Mike, funny! We'd also like to send out congratulations to the recipents of the distinguished service awards, Jason DeCaro, Jennifer Nagler and Jared Mandel. Thanks for all of your service and dedication to the community!! It was a great year here in Dickinson...congratulations to the graduates and good luck!

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