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There are always many events going on in Dickinson Community. Rest assured, though, that as the semester progresses, there will be many events filling this page. If you know of an event, please don't hesitate to let us know.

For an up-to-the-minute list of current activities, check out This Week in Dickinson. If you have an event you would like posted here, let the Dickinson Programming Assistants know!!!

We try to do a decent job covering Dickinson events, but the Frontal Lobe's weekly calendar of events has us beat. Check it out!!


This year's Welcome Back Weekend has been a huge success with the help of numerous individuals. After starting off with the traditional Welcome on the Quad by the Assistant Director and Faculty Master, hall meetings and flor meetings, resident were treated to another fantastic Gameshow Night! Planned and put together by Juan Guichardo, Saureen Shah and Shawn Smith, this year's program was based on the VH1 show "My Generation" which pitted staff against students in a no-holds-barred test of music knowledge from the 80s and 90s. Along with the past year's Gameshows of "Singled Out" and "Double Dare", "My Generation" was a big hit and fun was had by all who attended. Beginning the next day's events were the Welcome Crew's Classroom tours where folks were able to find out where they'd be going on the first day of classes and the annual "Get Involved with Government" Ice Cream Social held by the DTC E-Board. Also...thanks to the folks from Newing College who helped supply the extra ice cream for the social, which was so popular that we ran out!! This year's Scavenger Hunt (held during the Community Picnic) was just as good as in past years--with awesome items dreamed up by past Dickinson residents Sandra Horowitz and Amy Nichols--with a team from Whitney Hall coming out on top and taking home the Pizza Party. During the evening, we held our first "Party On the Patio" in the Quad with Newing College which was also a huge success. Over 200 people ate, mingled, danced and played some sports throughout the night. Thanks for all of your support Newing!! Along with the other events, like CoRec Football, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and the "Meet Your Mentors" Social, Welcome Back Weekend in Dickinson has proven to be a great beginning to a great year in our Community. Thanks to everyone who participated and to those who organized the events. In order to give credit where credit is due, please check out the Dickinson Welcome Crew '98 page to see who you should thank for all of the great events and help on move-in day!


Positions for Dickinson Town Council E-Board are available for the fall of 1999! All of the positions are open and letters of intent are due by this Sunday's DTC Meeting. Contact Shane for more information.


This year's Dickinson Day was held on Saturday, September 26. The theme was Dickinson's 40th Birthday, so we pulled out the party hats and celebrated! Everything from sports to craft booths and tye-dying, as well as lots of food made the nice brisk day go by very fast. Thanks to everyone who put in time to make sure this annual tradition was a success yet again.


The Co-Rec Football Fall Season kicked-off (literally!) on September 26 at Dickinson Day. It was a long and dramatic season filled with ups and downs, as well as a great ending tournament. Be sure to check out the Frontal Lobe Co-Rec Football Page for stats and updates on your favorite teams, as well as how they ended up during the season. Thanks to Ray Gonzalez, CoRec Coordinator, for all of his hard work getting the season going.


With the theme of TV Land resonating throughout the halls, Mutant Mania was yet again a huge success and a long week of activities. Through all the sports and wide variety of events, there can be only one champion who takes home the "horse's ass". After all the craziness, here are the final standings:

  1. O'Connor Hall
  2. Whitney Hall
  3. Johnson Hall
  4. Champlain Hall
  5. Digman Hall
  6. Rafuse Hall

Thanks to Kerrie Dawson who was this year's coordinator. Great job Kerrie...it was a Mania to remember!


Yes, Dickinson will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year and we're planning a bang-up celebration to commemorate BU's oldest and most distinguished community. The big event will be held on Saturday, April 24th with a tree planting ceremony at 2:00pm on the CoRec field and culminating with "Stories From Dickinson" at 7:00pm in the Dickinson Dining Hall. Come and celebrate the oldest and most distinguished community on the BU campus!

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