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Upcoming Dickinson Community Events

There are always many events going on in Dickinson Community. Right now we don't have many here because the new semester is just beginning. Rest assured, though, that as the semester progresses, there will be many events filling this page. If you know of an event, please don't hesitate to let us. know.

We try to do a decent job covering Dickinson events, but the Frontal Lobe's weekly calendar of events has us beat. Check it out!!


On the bright side, residents can finally go back to studying and get some sleep!! For a description of Mutant Mania, click on it and and you will be taken to our annual events page.


  1. Rafuse Hall
  2. Champlain Hall
  3. Whitney Hall
  4. O'Connor Hall
  5. Digman Hall
  6. Johnson Hall

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make Mutant Mania possible. We would like to thank the coordinators especially: Brian, Lori and Saureen. Without the three of you, Mania would not have been possible and would not have been nearly as much fun as it was. GREAT JOB GUYS!!


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