Annual Events in Dickinson

Dickinson Community is long in history and spirit. Throughout the year, many special events take place that residents and alumni alike enjoy. Following is a description of several of these annual activities that almost everyone who's lived in the Community takes part in:

Welcome Back Weekend

Welcome Back Weekend is actually a University sponsored activity, but here in Dickinson we have a style all our own! Traditionally, a group of upperclass Dickinson residents come back early to help the new students move in and plan events to give them the chance to meet new people and get acquainted with Dickinson and the University. Many programs are put on during this event, so you may expect to find yourself involved in a scavenger hunt, campus tour, a dance...or even our very own specially themed gameshow in the Dining Hall. You just never know!!

Supporting the Welcome Back Weekend festivities, each hall has it's own special traditions that they keep alive. Most have a series of programs designed to get students involved and to meet their new neighbors. These events traditionally take place in the first few weeks of classes and you never know what events you might find! The halls usually call these events "Insane In Champlain", "The O'Connor Triathalon", Whitney's "Erotic Olympics", Digman's "DigFest", Rafuse's "Rafusion Confusion", and "Johnson & Johnson".

Dickinson Day

Dickinson Day is an event that traditionally takes place in the fall semester, just a short time after everyone has come back from the summer. It's a time for the staff in the community to show off their talents in different booths, eat until you explode, and just have fun. The theme for the event varies from year to year, but there are always a few staples you can depend on...great food, awesome T-shirts, and lots of fun!

Co-Rec Football

Co-Rec Football is something that the community takes great pride in. For those of you who may not know what Co-Rec is, it's co-ed touch football. Each hall's team battles it out on almost every Saturday in the fall semester in order to get the best record possible going into the final tournament. In the last few weeks of the semester, playoffs are held and the best two teams face off in the Dickinson Bowl. After lots of trash talk and bruises, the residents have lots to talk about and a plethora of memories. This year we've expanded Co-Rec to include both fall and spring seasons and we're working on including Ultimate Frisbee.

Spring Semi-Formal

In the spring semester, the Dickinson Town Council hosts a semi-formal dance for the residents of the Community. This event is a time for folks to get reacquainted after a long year and gives them a chance to clean up after all of those muddy games of Co-Rec! Traditionally held at a nice ballroom or hotel in the area, the residents have the chance to dance the night away to great music, enjoy excellent food, as well as spend time with their friends.

Mutant Mania

In the spring semester, the DTC sponsored committee of organizers puts together a memorable week of events to get residents involved and energized! Known in other communities as "Dorm Wars", Mutant Mania has a style all it's own. Throughout the week of skits, tests of skill and knowledge, social activities, and athletic contests, only one hall can emerge as the Mutant Mania Champion! With each event, the halls compile points and the winner can brag about their championship for another year. Mutant Mania is one of the largest and most complex events put on during the year and the memories will last for a long time!


Held usually a day or two before the more formal University Commencement Ceremony, Dickinson takes the opportunity to recognize it's graduates in a more intimate situation. At this time, many residents and alumni take the chance to recount their experiences in the Community and talk about how much living here has meant to them. It's a solemn, yet energizing experience!

To find out about the progression of these annual events through the current schoolyear, click here.

There are, however, a plethora of other activities that occur every week, such as hall meetings, DTC meetings and general fun. If you want to learn more about other programs going on, this is the place for you. For information about the organizations of Dickinson Community, check out our organizations page.


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