The 1998 Welcome Crew

So you might be asking, who are the Welcome Crew? Well, they are a group of returning Dickinson residents who volunteer to come back a few days prior to actual opening to help plan events, decorate halls and do everything from carry luggage on Freshman and Transfer move-in day to traffic control to assist in the great events that took place during the weekend. They're also there to help out with questions and serve as another resource for our students in Dickinson Community.

For their volunteer efforts, they get a T-shirt, food for a couple days and the opportunity to move in a few days eariler to avoid the rush. Of course, along with the material rewards, they also get the opportunity to meet new students, get experience with programming and receive some insight into student leadership at BU. you can see, for everything they do it is a labor of love rather than a fiscal opportunity, so please take the time to thank these folks for all of the hard work they put into Welcome Back Weekend because without them it wouldn't be possible!

Following is a list of this past year's Crew and the things they helped with throughout the weekend:

If you think you might be interested in being part of the Welcome Crew for 1999, look for application information in the Spring Semester 1999. We'd be glad to have you and your new ideas as a part of Welcome Back Weekend 1999!

Special thank yous to:

Basically...thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped with Welcome Back Weekend in some fashion, whether it be working, attending, or talking with students to attend the events! As well, thank you to all the students who came out to the events...they're for you and we hope you enjoyed them!

Sincerely...Steve Crudup


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