Champlain Hall

Champlain Hall has many distinctions in Dickinson Community, the most prominent being we are the closest sounding to something people drink. "Insane in Champlain" is the new tradition to kick off the year, with the different floors in the hall intermingling and competing against one another. This is also a warm-up for the Spring semester's Mutant Mania, where Champlain will keep it's "Back in Black" theme to win this Spring in 1997.

We also have some less distinctive distinctions (nice). At the moment, we are the only building with its own non-commuter lot (but other people park there). In the past five years, more D.T.C. (Dickinson Town Council) ex-presidents have lived on our first floor than any other floor in the entire community. The infamous (see "Three Amigos") Blinding Light 2, a B.T.V. (Binghamton Television) campus movie, had numerous scenes filmed in our rec. lounge. Our rec. and study lounges are on the opposite floors than the study and rec. lounges in other residence halls, showing how different we are from the rest of the community. Our basement houses the Trio Program offices. When we figure out who these people are, we'll get back to you.

But surely, there must be something to seriously say about Champlain (of course there is, but stop calling me Shirley... Airplane). With wonderful staff and a very social building, Champlain is the place to be.

Narrative donated by Joe Johnston, Resident Director of Champlain Hall

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