Champlain Hall

So far Champlain is having a great year! We finished regular season Co-Rec in second place and we are looking to defend our championship title in the Super Bowl! Our team ha worked hard this year and they make us proud to be Chinchillas! We are already looking towards Mutant Mania next semester, as well as, interesting and fun RA programs to attend. Our RA staff is exceptional and always willing to lend a helping hand. Our Hall Council has many great ideas for Hall Programs, as well as for Fund Raising events (Pie in the Face and Penny Wars, to be specific!)

Champlain is made up of a diverse group of students and staff and is an exciting place to live. So if you're ever in our neighborhood, stop by the "Home of the Chinchillas" and say Hi!

Narrative donated by Karen A. Sweeney, Resident Director of Champlain Hall

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