Digman Hall

Digman Hall was completed in 1957 and houses approximately 175 students, 7 resident Assistants, and one professional full-time Resident Director (RD). In the summer of 1997, the hall underwnt some major renovations and within the past year ther has been lots of work done on the hall. With it's nice new look, Digman's definitely somewhere students want to live.

As far as living options go, Digman has variety! This semester Digman will open with a wing of smoke-free housing. This is an option for students where they are responsible to refrain from smoking, possessing smoking materials or any other form of tobacco. As well, Digman has alos hosted Chemical Free Housing, where students refrain from all drugs and alcohol, an d the Visual and Performing Arts Special In terest Housing Module. VPA (as it's commonly called) is currently located in Broome Hall for the year while Digman comes back on line, but we're hoping to have it back in Dickinson in the fall of 1999. There are also the standard single-sex and co-ed floors.

Digman is also home to the Rime Cellar, a coffeehouse where bands, poetry and performances are commonly on the weekends. With support from the Dickinson Town Council, the Rime Cellar offers a variety of entertainment throughout the year.

All in all, Digman is just one of the many great options for student sin Dickinson. We're glad to have it back on line!!!

Narrative provided by Steve Crudup, Resident Director of O'Connor Hall.

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