Digman Hall

Digman Hall is a place where people live and learn together. The activities that take place within our walls, reflects our diverse resident population. The building offers special interest housing (SIH) better known as the VPA, or Visual Performing Arts module. We also offer chem. free living, the Rime Cellar, and we have many fun activities. Such activities include co-rec football and volleyball, "socksination" and Digmania where the victories floor receives the honor of displaying the Digman shovel, which is in honor of all the construction recently completed. Living in Digman allows a resident to experience communal living by learning and experiencing together.

The Visual Performing Arts module, VPA, in Digman hall is one of the prominent special interest modules in Dickinson Community. The VPA residents are devoted to expressing themselves in any creative way possible. Activities of the 1996-1997 academic year have included "come play with our stuff," an eighties roller skating program, and a tattoo booth. Members are not necessarily fine arts majors, but have a great appreciation for many art forms.

The Rime Cellar is an on campus coffee house open every Friday from 9-11 P.M. There is a different musical act every week and homemade food is always served. It's a great place to come and just be.

Digman Hall participated in the Dickinson Co-Rec Football League this past semester. We had a great team this year and we look forward to beating all of the other halls in the playoffs next season. Go Digman, Dig Deep!

Narrative provided by Kim Weiner, Resident Director of Digman Hall.

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