Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall is one of the six co-ed residence halls in Dickinson Community. There are three co-ed floors, two all-male floors and one all-female floor. Housing about 140 students, Johnson is known for its interest in sports; especially Co-Rec football. Johnson provides a great environment to study, socialize and meet new people.

The students participate in many activities. The Johnson Hall Council, consisting of six members, runs hall meetings every other week, plans social activities, gathers input on how Johnson spedns its financial allocation and intiates its fundrais ers. This year Hall Council sonsored "Singled Out" and "Asocksination", which involved over half of the building. Hall Government has also raised money by selling Candy Grams.

The living-learning environment of Johnson Hall is enhanced by a Residential Life Staff of six Resident Assistants and a Full-time professional Resident Director. There is a resident assistant on each floor and they are available for resources as well as planning educational and social programs. Some examples of this year's programs are: Sexual Jeopardy, Acupuncture, Latin Dance, Newly Roomies, Sadeko and 1000 Paper Cranes, and a trip to the Opera.

Of course, studyingand doing classwork is always part of the agenda as well! We have a large study lounge that is heavily used, and a small quiet study room in the basement, fondly know as the "dungeon."

Johnson Hall has many strong points, but the people are what makes it a great place to live, learn and have fun. So come join us!

"Johnson Hall is a blast - because we have the coolest RD, Diane Nast!!!"

Narrative donated by the Johnson Hall RA Staff

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