O'Connor Hall

O'Connor Hall is the oldest building in Dickinson Community. Built in 1957, O'Connor is able to house about 150 men and women.

There are several notable aspects about O'Connor Hall. First of all. O'Connor houses the Dickinson Offices, including the office of Libby Tucker, the Faculty Master. O'Connor has also housed several of the Special Interest Housing Modules which have been in operation at one time or another on campus. Special Interest Housing Modules were introduced in Dickinson because of the close-knit community that is shared on smaller floors. Each module, consisting of about 24 residents, was centered around a particular theme which all residents on the module had interest in. Some of the modules piloted in Dickinson have been the French and Spanish Module, the Fitness Module, and the Computers, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic and Engineering Module (CAIRE). Each of these module has eisted in O'Connor Hall. However, only one SIH module remains in the building, and it is also the most successful of the SIH modules. A younger sibling of the CAIRE module, CoRE (computers, Robotics and Engineering) is a very active and involved module. CoRE expanded to two floors this year, making it the largest module on campus. The demand for the module is always growing, and current members look forward ot another expansion one day. Members staff the Pseudopod in O'Connor, hold weekly meetings, and are for the most part self-governing. CoRE has a strong "core," and passes down "CoRE-Lore" from year to year. New members have ownership in the many traditions established on the module, as well as the responsibility to remain active in Dickinson community, continually providing much needed services and information to Dickinson Residents.

Although they are not modules, every other floor in O'Connor has a name as well; there is The Basement, The Block (the all male floor), Chem-Free, and The Penthouse (the all female floor). For three years in a row, O'Connor RA's have sponsored a three-day event designed to bring these floors together at the beginning of the year. The O'Connor Triathalon usually involves physical activities, as well as nighttime games in the study lounge.

O'Connor also houses the darkroom in Dickinson. Soon, this should be in operation for the residents of Dickinson.

Narrative donated by Mary Whittemore, Resident Director of O'Connor Hall.

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