O'Connor Hall

Built in 1957, O'Connor Hall may be one of the oldest halls on the Binghamton University Campus but it's not lacking in appeal or opportunities to offer the residents of Dickinson Community! The first thing that many people realize is that our hall houses the Dickinson Community Office, which manages almost all aspects of the Community and reports to the Office of Residential Life. As well, you'll find the offices of the Assistant Director, Faculty Master, and Dickinson's Staff Intern.

Not unlike many of the other halls in Dickinson, O'Connor is a co-ed hall that houses approximately 150 residents. We have single-sex, co-ed, and Chemical Free (Chem Free) and Special Interest (CoRE) housing available. There are 6 Resident Assistants, a Resident Director, laundry facilities, vending, study and recreation lounges. The hall also has a photography dark room and fully functional computer pod (see CoRE below) available free of charge to residents of Dickinson. Another handy feature is that the dining hall is located right next to us!

O'Connor also has the privilege of being the host to the Computer, Robotics and Engineering Special Interest Housing Module (CoRE). CoRE is among the most active and largest modules on campus. Although CoRE has been around for many years in one shape or another, the residents have always been interested in technology and plan many special events around that topic. As well, the strong traditions lead to events such as the annual CoRE Lore dinner, as well as frequent visits from alumni. The residents of the module participate in projects, meetings and serve as monitors for the computer pod throughout the year. The computer pod, affectionately known as the Pseudopod, is ever growing! With the support of businesses, Dickinson Town Council and residents of CoRE, it is ever expanding to meet the demands of the students living on the module, as well as the needs of Dickinson residents. Currently, it features fully integrated internet access to the University server, word processing, scanning, laser printing, the latest in MIS and compiler software and BUSI terminals. The residents also have access to "The Holodeck", which is a combination of a study lounge, project room, TV lounge and library. If you want to learn more about CoRE, click here.

O'Connor residents are very involved in both the campus and community! Our Hall Council is also one of the most involved in the community, organizing several programs for the residents, such as Sex & Candy to increase gender communcation and safer sex. Along with the Residential Life Staff, a variety of programs have been offered such as a Halloween Masquerade Ball, Urban Legends, Nintendo 64 Competition, Self-Defense, Asocksination and many more!! These programs are a key component of the educational aspect of living in the halls, offering ways for students to get involved and build community.

There's almost always something going on! With the annual O'Connor Triathalon at the beginning of fall term, residents immediately realize that we're all here to get to know one another and keep up the energy for the whole year.

So...if you're ever in Dickinson, be sure to stop by and say hi to The Basement, The Block, CoRE, Chem Free, and the Penthouse. We'd be glad to show you one of the best places to live at Binghamton University!!

Narrative donated by Steven Crudup, Resident Director of O'Connor Hall.

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