Rafuse Hall

Rafuse Hall is the oldest residence hall at Binghamton University. Rafuse Hall was remodeled during the summer and fall of 1996, and is now one of the most attractive halls as well. Chemical Free housing is available on First South.

Dickinson's Academic Center is located in the basement of Rafuse. The Academic Center is staffed by students and open every Sunday through Thursday , 8:00 P.M. - 12:00 midnight. With couches, desks, chairs, and tables, the Academic Center is a great place to stretch out and just read a book, or meet a group of students to work on a project.

Rafuse is one of the most spirited, social, and active buildings on campus. Rafusions are the proud winners of the horse's head from the one and only competitive 1995 Dickinson Days and eagerly await Mutant Mania, Dickinson's which organizes numerous fundraising, service, and social activities each year. Co-Rec sports are a favorite pastime, and Rafuse is the home of the Dickinson's first female Dickinson Town Council (DTC) President.

So come meet the LOPEZ and ZEPOL families, hang out in the RA office, shoot some pool, or take advantage of the best laundry facility in Dickinson. The people are friendly and there is always someone to talk to in Rafuse.

Narrative donated by Jill Engel, Resident Director of Rafuse Hall

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