Whitney Hall

Whitney Hall was named after a land agent, George Whitney, who under the command of Col. Bingham. (think Binghamton!) But Whitney Hall is more than just a name! It's a place to call home to over 100 people. It's also a study hall, a pool hall, a movie theatre, and a dining hall. At any given time, people can be found sleeping, eating, studying, dancing, talking or playing a game.

The diverse group of people that live in Whitney Hall provide a myriad of possibilities for whatever you may be looking for, whether its' a meal, a debate, a fourth for a game, a tutor, a music instructor, or justa friend. Whitney hall even has an entire floor dedicated to chemical (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes) FREE living!

Narrative donated by Jeanine MacDonald, Academic Vice-President of Whitney Hall, 1997-98.

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Narrative donated by William Sullivan, Resident Director of Whitney Hall.

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