Dickinson's Fellows and mentors for 1996-1997


O Connor Hall - Steven Crudup RD
Don Welss (Philosophy)
Jim Sullivan (Academic Advising)
Nancy Tittler (German, Russian and East Asian Languages Department)
Peter Wagner (Watson School of Engineering)

Johnson Hall - Diane Nast RD
Julia Miller (Academic Advising)
Ellen Badger (International Student Advising)
Jim Dix (Chemistry)
Susan Strehle (English)

Rafuse Hall - Ronald E. Jean RD
Bobbie Freedman (Director of Career Development Center) Fred Weiss (Theater)
Rosmarie Morewedge (German Dept.)
Wenrich (Nick) Green (Dean of Enrollment Management)

Digman Hall - Jay Familant RD
Warren Wagar (History)
Geof Gould (Admissions)
Joe DeVitis (Career & interdisciplinary Studies)
Lori Benson (Coordinator of Residential Dining Services at Marriot)

Whitney Hall - Theresa Bakaitis RD
Zu-Yan Cher; (German & Russian)
Maria Carra (Residential Life)
Lt. Jim Cavanaugh (ULED)

Mary Haupt (English Department) Champlain Hall- Steven Crudup RD
Anne Clark (Biology Dept.)
Eric Dietrich (Philosophy Dept.)
Robin Oggins (History)
Vince Pasquale (SOM)


Jeffner Allen Philosophy LT-1205 O'Connor
Ellen Badger Int'l Studies HN-G1 Champlain
Zu-Yan Chen German & Russian LT-1406A Rafuse
Clifford Clark Economics LT-1015 Johnson
Joe De Vitis SEHD LT-311 Champlain
Eric Dietrich Phllosophy HN-127B Whitney
Jim Dix Chemistry S2-808 Whitney
Bobbie Friedman CDC LS-G500 Rafuse
Lynn Gamwell Dir.,Univ.Art Museum FA-216 Champlain
Pamela Gay English Dept. HN-211 Digman
Geof Gould Undergrad Admissions HN-101P O'Connor
Nick Green Enrollment Mgmt. SW-108 Rafuse
Mary Haupt General Lit LN-G39 Rafuse
Chuck Lamb Res Life CIW O'Connor
Fritz Lauture Campus Activities Johnson
Saul Levin Classics LT-1109 Digman
Julia Miller Academic Advising SW-110 Whitney
Rosmarie Morewedge German LT-1402 Champlain
Vincent Pasquale School of Management LS-G509 Digman
Sharon Santabuono Academic Advising SW-110 Johnson
Susan Strehle Grad Studies AD-127 Johnson
Nancy Tittler GRML LT-1411 O'Connor
Libby Tucker O'C 12 O'Connor
Peter Wagner Physics EB-P4 O'Connor
Don Weiss Philosophy LT-1216 Digman
Fred Weiss Theatre FA-108 Whitney
Mary Beth Willis UU-OCC Off-Campus
Luke Willis Geography SW219 Off-Campus
Maureen Zajkowski Library LS-1509-A O'Connor

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