Dickinson's Fellows and Mentors for 1997-1998


Fellows are staff or faculty members who have been appointed at liaisons to the halls by the President of the University and nominations from the staff and students of the Community. These individuals are available for many projects, such as programs, educational assistance, and/or as resources to the campus and community. Fellows can be seen at many of the community functions or just enjoying a meal with residents of the community throughout the year.

  • O'Connor Hall
    Don Weiss, Philosophy x2442
    Jim Sullivan, Academic Advising x6305
    Nancy Tittler, German & Russian x2918
    Peter Wagner, Watson School of Engineering x2656
  • Johnson Hall
    Julia Miller, Academic Advising x6305
    Ellen Badger, International Student Advising x2510
    Jim Dix, Chemistry x2480
    Susan Strehle, English x2070
  • Rafuse Hall
    Bobbie Freedman, Director of Career Development Center x2192
    Fred Weiss , Theater x6966
    Rosmarie Morewedge, German x2657
    Wenrich (Nick) Green, Dean of Enrollment Management x2728
  • Digman Hall
    Warren Wagar, History x4210
    Geoff Gould, Admissions x2171
    Joe DeVitis, Career & Interdisciplinary Studies x2420
    Lori Benson, Coordinator of Residential Dining Services at Marriott x2406
  • Whitney Hall
    Zu-Yan Cher, German & Russian x2656
    Maria Carra, Residential Life x2321
    Lt. Jim Cavanaugh, Public Safety x2393
    Mary Haupt, English Department x2248
  • Champlain Hall
    Anne Clark, Biology x6228
    Eric Dietrich, Philosophy x2305
    Robin Oggins, History x6738
    Vince Pasquale, School of Management x6054


Mentors are faculty or staff members that spend time with students on a one-on-one basis to help them with academic and/or personal concerns. Mentors help students with understanding the General Education requirements, academic advising, and/or serve as a resource for them throughout the schoolyear. Mentors are assigned through an application process at the beginning of the academic year and other placements are available by contacting the Faculty Master of Dickinson Community at x2826. You will notice that many of these individuals are Fellows, as well as Mentors, but the appointment process is separate.

Ellen Badger Int'l Studies HN-G1 x2510 Johnson
Zu-Yan Chen German & Russian LT-1406A x2656 Whitney
Joe De Vitis SEHD LT-311 x2420 Digman
Eric Dietrich Phllosophy HN-127B x2305 Champlain
Jim Dix Chemistry S2-808 x2480 Johnson
Pamela Gay English Dept. HN-211 x4250 Digman
Fran Goldman Art History FA-211 x2112 Champlain
Geof Gould Undergrad Admissions HN-101P x2112 O'Connor
Nick Green Enrollment Mgmt. SW-108 x2728 Rafuse
Mary Haupt General Lit LN-G39 x2248 Whitney
Chuck Lamb Res Life CIW x2321 Whitney
Saul Levin Classics LT-1109 x6776 Digman
Julia Miller Academic Advising SW-110 x6305 Johnson
Rosmarie Morewedge German LT-1402 x2657 Rafuse
Vincent Pasquale School of Management LS-G509 x6054 Champlain
Sharon Santabuono Academic Advising SW-110 x6305 Champlain
Susan Strehle Grad Studies AD-127 x2070 Johnson
Nancy Tittler GRML LT-1411 x2656 O'Connor
Libby Tucker English & Dickinson O'C 12 x2826 Whitney
Don Weiss Philosophy LT 1216 x2442 O'Connor
Fred Weiss Theatre FA-108 x6966 Rafuse
Mary Beth Willis UU-OCC x2767 Digman
Luke Willis Geography SW219 x6155 Digman
Maureen Zajkowski Library LS-1509-A x6959 Whitney

For a list of Fellows and Mentors from 1996-1997, click here.

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