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What makes any community is the organizations within it. Dickinson Community has been blessed with many outstanding organizations. Below is a list of each organization, with a brief description provided by its president or coordinator.

The Libby Tucker Academic Center

The Libby Tucker Academic Center is Dickinson's academic resource center and study lounge located in the basement of Rafuse Hall. It is open Monday - Thursday from 8 PM - 12 AM. The lounge offers a good study environment and houses many helpful reference books. In addition, the Center hosts events such as academic advising sessions, college bowl, and study breaks during finals week. There is test bank made up of tests donated by residents of the community, a computer with internet access, and books available for check out. A great deal of effort has been put into making this a comfortable and usable environment...so check it out!

Questions about the Academic Center can be forwarded to the Academic Vice-president of Dickinson Town Council or any of the individual hall AVPs.

Extrapolated from an entry donated by Eric Eichenholtz, Dickinson's Academic Vice-President, 1997-98.

Dickinson Community Players

D.C. Players is Dickinson Community's very own student-run theater company. The group is comprised of a myriad of students including die-hard community actors, various theater majors and the all too common physics or biology major with a repressed passion for the stage! And not all members are Dickinson Community residents.

They stage four productions a year - a straight play and a musical every semester. Every production occurs right in the comfort of Dickinson's own dining hall and every show is affordable.

As well, the DC Players grew to include the Pappy Parker Players, a comedy improv group. If you like the Comedy Central show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", you'll love the Pappys!! Energetic and entertaining, the Pappys are a great expansion to the DC Players and we're proud to have them as an extension of Dickinson Community. The Pappys have recently gone out on their own and we wish them the best!

Extrapolated from entry donated by past Co-Chairpersons of Dickinson Community Players, Janan Zeibaq and Amy Greene

The Darkroom

The Darkroom is a full service photo development lab housed in the basement of O'Connor Hall. Through the support of Dickinson Town Council, the Darkroom allows people the chance to experiment with black and white film development and photo production. Residents can use the facility, chemicals, photo paper, and development equipment at no cost. Although the facility is very basic and it may take one a while to get the hang of the process, the Darkroom is a great place to learn! Appointments can be made by contacting the Darkroom Coordinator.

Frontal Lobe
The Dickinson Community Newsletter

Note: You can now visit the Frontal Lobe Website by clicking on the highlighted text above.

Frontal Lobe is Dickinson Community's print media. Its purpose is to inform Dickinson residents of community events and Dickinson related news, as well as to provide an outlet for expressing the creativity and views of our residents.

Regular features include Dickinson Town Council News, Dickinson Dining Hall updates, Co-Rec. Football updates, as well as expanded coverage of Dickinson events to include DC Players, Pappy Parker Players, and Rime Cellar performances , as well as individual hall events. Editorials and a column reviewing local restaurants have also been part of the Frontal Lobe.

All contributions from the community are welcome. Also, creative writing, for example poetry, humor, and short stories would greatly be accepted. Anyone who has a special interest and would like to:

and is a resident of Dickinson should get in contact with the Frontal Lobe staff.

Extrapolated from an entry donated by Seth Eichenholtz.

The Pseudopod

The Pseudopod is located in the basement of O'Connor Hall, it is Dickinson's own after hours computer lab. Ever-expanding due to the efforts of the CoRE SIH Module, it offers residents with the most up-to-date computer software, word processing capabilities, complete internet access, color scanning, and offers free la ser printing in IBM and Macintosh formats (currently, scanning is limited to IBM). Whether you want to just check your e-mail, write a paper, look up the news on the WWW, or plan to do some hard core programming, the Pseudopod has what you need! It's hours are 6 P.M. - 1 A.M., Monday through Thursday and 10 P.M. - 1 A.M. Sunday nights. For more information about the Pseudopod and CoRE, the organization that runs it, click here.

The Rime Cellar

The Rime Cellar is a coffeehouse, located in the basement of Digman Hall. It's open 9pm-11pm every Friday so that folks can enjoy performances of all types (poetry readings, music, comedy, etc), as well as homemade desserts and refreshments. Many high scale acts from the Binghamton University and local community perform there, as well as Dickinson Community residents. It's a great place to meet with your friends or test your performance skills in a comfortable environment!


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