R.A./R.D. Programs

One part of being an R.A. and an R.D. is putting on programs for the residents of your floor, hall or community. If you know of a program, if you want more information about a program, or if you're planning on putting one on, let us know and we'll help you out.

- Special thanks to Sharif and Adrian for working so hard to advertise these programs!

Congratulations to the following Dickinson RA's, RD's and students for their Fall 1996 Programming Awards:

  1. Chris Arana: Care Packages Program
  2. Alia Nankoe: Good Stuff Colletion Program
  3. Jill Engel: Hand-To-Heart Holiday Project
  4. Chris Arana and Tara Kachmar: He Said, She said
  5. Kim Bruno: Holiday Cheer For Needy Children
  6. Bill Sullivan: Panel Discussion On The Vocation Of Teaching
  7. Missy Telesca: Tales Of Rafuse
  8. Samina Ali: Substance Abuse Survey
  9. Cindy Bo, Kerrie Dawson, Kerry Ann Fenton, Erik George, Jennifer Nagler and Lori Wood (Fall 1996 DTC E-Board): A Mediated Forum Concerning The SA

    Great job guys, keep up the good work!


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