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On this page, you'll be able to see what a typical room looks like (both set up and empty) to give you a good idea about what they look like. As well, we'll be adding to this page as time goes on to give you a virtual tour of a hall, then of the community...so check back!

The Nitty Gritty...

Each time we hold open houses for new students, the first thing on their mind isn't "so what programs do the RAs put on?" Believe it or not, they want to find out what a room is like! So, what we've done on this page is give you some shots at different angles, so you can get an idea.

Following are some shots of a typical room that is as it would be upon your arrival to check-in. The furnishings are moveable, so feel free to get creative... Also, the furnishings are typical, although they may vary from building to building.

Each room comes with 2 dressers, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, 2 beds & mattresses (bunkable beds may have to be requested), 2 closets, a telephone, and a floor lamp. There are several outlets throughout the rooms and storm windows, blinds and a curtain rod are also furnished. Some of the specific information about the rooms you might be interested in is:

Room Dimensions: 12'6" x 12'6"

Beds are extra long...so you will need extra long, twin sized sheets! (78" x 34")

Window dimensions: 75" x 56"

Curtain Rod length: 7'10"

When planning to come in, you should contact your roommate and figure out who's bringing what items for the room...it's not worth spending the money on or the hassle of brining two of everything!! Suggestions include things like stereos, televisions, a VCR, linens, desk lamps, a non-halogen floor lamp (we highly suggest this if you like bright light!), posters, pictures, and any other of those types of items. There are some wattage limits on things like microwaves and refrigerators, so you'll want to check those out before bringing those along.

Following are some shots of a room that has been decorated and set up in different ways...hopefully they will give you an idea of ways you can set up a room. As you can see there is a wide variety of ways that you can set the room up.

**NOTE: Thank you to Bed, Bath and Beyond, WalMart, Jerold Yee, The Dickinson Office, Diane Nast & Steve Crudup for providing decorations for the sample rooms!**

Some other information that you would probably like to know about Dickinson's Halls is that we are a traditional, corridor style community. All of our halls have 6-7 floors with 19-26 students living on them. Almost all of our rooms are doubles, with the exception of medical singles which are available to students with valid medical excuses (contact the Office of Residential Life at 607-777-2321 for more information about that). There is a common bathroom on each floor with showers and restroom facilities.


At this point in the year, we are tripling some rooms in Dickinson (as well as across campus) to help offset the influx of students to Binghamton University this year. If you are in a triple situation, you will have an additional mattress & bedframe, as well as an additional dresser placed in your room. There is not enough space to add an extra desk, so residents are asked to share them. When students arrive on opening day, they will draw for the furniture and space that they will alloted in the room in the following matter: (a) upper bunk, own dresser, own desk & chair, share closet; (b) lower bunk, own dresser, own closet, share desk & chair; and (c) single bed, own dresser, share desk & chair, share closet. There will be no priority given in this selection, if students wish to switch once all 3 have arrived, they may...but they will remain responsible for the items they sign for when they move in. As well, there are only 2 computer connections available in the rooms, so if each resident plans to bring a computer (although this is not highly recommended due to space availability), they will need to make the necessary arrangements to share the connections.

At this point it is hard to say if this will be a permanent situation, but we will work as fast as we can with the resources given to us to remove students from the triples. One thing to keep in mind, the doubles in Dickinson are some of the largest on campus, so it's probably a blessing you were tripled here, if anywhere! Please contact the Office of Residential Life at 607-777-2321 for more information about the extended housing situation for the upcoming year.

As well, there are two spacious lounges in each hall. Typically, one is designated as a recreation lounge, while the other is designated as a study space. There are laundry facilities in each hall, as well as recreation equipment ranging from pool tables and ping pong tables to video games and air hockey. Each hall is also equipped with a kitchenette that includes a stove, oven and microwave oven for resident use. As well, other equipment, such as vacuums, board games, and cooking equipment, can be checked out from the RA Office in each hall. This equipment is purchased through the hall's council (or government)...so if there's anything you would like to see the hall own, you should let your council members know!

Check back to this location in the near future. We'll have more pictures and information to make you better acquainted with the living environment in Dickinson!!

If we can be of any help giving suggestions or if you have any specific questions about what you can and can't bring...please contact us at 607-777-2826 or email us.


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