Escape The Room

In order to share our community's love for puzzles and games, CoRE has taken on the challenge of creating an Escape the Room for the Binghamton University community. We have developed software and put together hardware to make our Escape the Rooms as epic as possible.

Coding Workshops

In an effort to spread the joys of coding, CoRE has hosted various coding workshops. Students from all across Binghamton have shown up to learn about coding and we hope they left with a newfound appreciation or even hobby.

Color Combat

CoRE regularly participates in Color Combat, a Dickinson Community event. As Team CoREnge (orange), we spend a weekend in the Fall semester competing against various other teams in sports events, attendence events, and even scavenger hunts!

Mutant Mania

Each year, CoRE hosts an event for Dickinson's Mutant Mania, a week-long event in the Spring semester where each Dickinson building competes against each other for the #1 title. Past events have consisted of Human Hungry Hungry Hippos, catapualt building competitions, and miniature boat building competitions.