Important Achievements

Award Winning Learning Community

CoRE has won several awards from the National Residency Hall Honorary Committee. In particular, we have won Organization of the Month, Spotlight of the Month, and Educational Program of the Month. CoRE continues to enjoy creating engaging and interactive events that relate to our mission and continue to be active members within our community.

The Oldest Learning Community at Binghamton University

CoRE is one of the few and the oldest special interest housing groups on campus, with our roots dating back to 1991. In the past, there were many different special interest housing groups until the school decided to start getting rid of all of them. CoRE fought back with all its might and won, continuing on still today. We have a very large alumni base because of our age, many of whom live in Binghamton still. They are always there to give advice and in some cases, even offer jobs! They are also how we pass on our history. Each year at the CoRE Lore dinner, the alumni are there to verbally pass on the history of CoRE to the new members. To learn more about the CoRE Lore dinner, visit the traditions page.

Dickinson Community and Dickinson Town Council

CoRE created and hosted a website for the Dickinson Community from 1997 to 1999, making Dickinson the first community to hit the internet. We also had a portion of that website sectioned off for the Dickinson Town Council, it had links to their constitution, voting rights, and other procedural documents.

The ResCon Program

If you live on campus and you ever have problems with your laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, anything electronic, you can get help from the ResCon program. The ResCon program is essentially a student run IT service that was created a number of years ago to help students fix their computer problems. It is a very reputable group on campus. We did some digging on our CoRE server and we found some emails from the school webadmin to CoRE asking how to fix problems on campus. We also found that all of the original ResCon's were CoRE members, which leads us to believe that CoRE actually played a role in starting the ResCon program.