we are

the future.


Binghamton University's own technology focused
living-learning community.

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We are...

...a diverse community of motivated individuals.

CoRE is a special interest housing community with a collection of students that share common interests in Computers, Robotics, and Engineering. Together, we create an awesome and diverse student body with majors ranging from Business and Biology to Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

...really friendly!

Why live on CoRE? Well, for starters, you get to live with people that are just like you! We all like the same things, share commons interests, and we can guarantee you will be making friends right away. Our residential floor is the most social and tight-knit floor on campus, hands down. Visitors are often shocked to see how social and friendly our floor really is.

A game of volleyball. A Python workshop. A project demo tabling.

our events & traditions


CoRE Lore

November 21st

CoRE invites all of its alumni back to campus to eat and tell stories. Students and alumni network over dinner cooked by current CoRE members, and dessert brought by alumni. Current and past members speak about their experiences on CoRE and in industry.

CoRE was founded in 1991, making us the oldest living-learning community in BU

CoRE Hacks

March 18th - 19th

Every year, students in CoRE come up with and create their own technically inspired projects. From reimplementing the original DOOM's® graphics engine, to uploading our own Snapchat® filter, CoRE Hacks is an in-house event that brings our ideas to life!

CoRE was responsible for bringing internet to the Dickinson Community


May 5th

Picnic time! CoreBQ is an event hosted towards the end of Spring semester, and alumni and friends are invited back for a barbeque at Stair Park. Here, we enjoy the nice weather, good food, and even better company before the year ends.

...and a few more!

Escape the Room


The gang plays Riddler, constructing series of puzzles for the student community.

Secret Snowflake


Christmas wouldn't be complete without presents!

Midnight Denny's Runs

Whenever we want


Senior Sendoff


Saying goodbye to our soon-to-be alumni!

What our residents have to say...

We asked our residents what they thought about CoRE, totally adlibbed.

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We're not done yet!

Our new website is still under pretty-fication. Stay tuned for more!