Yearly CoRE Events

Maximum Overkill

Maximum Overkill is the largest event that CoRE hosts. There is one held every semester. It is a twelve hour event that begins in the evening of a Saturday and ends early in the morning on Sunday. CoRE, in cooperation with a number of other groups such as the Binghamton Starcraft Group and the Animation Association, have a number of rooms with different events. There are anime screening rooms, video game console rooms packed with all your favorite games, a Dance Dance Revolution room, and even a Live Action Role Playing room. The main lecture hall houses the PC video game tournaments. The tournaments hosted usually attract upwards of one hundred people! There are great prizes and everybody who comes always has an awesome time.

CoRE Lore

Unlike Maximum Overkill, CoRE Lore is an event attended by only CoRE members, CoRE alumni, and friends of CoRE. We schedule CoRE Lore on the weekend before Thanksgiving every fall semester. We invite all of our alumni back to campus for a Thanksgiving-esque feast that we cook and pay for with the CoRE budget. The main part of CoRE Lore, besides eating of course, are the stories that the alumni tell. Anybody that has a funny story or something funny to talk about from their time on CoRE, can get up and tell everybody. We eat, we laugh, and we have a great time.


Every spring semester, once the temperature warms up again, we host the CoREbeque! The CoREbeque is a barbecue that we hold in a nearby park. We invite anybody who's around to come and have a grand old time. We cook food, eat, play games, and just all around enjoy the beautiful Binghamton weather.

Mutant Mania

Mutant Mania is a yearly event held by the Dickinson Community. During Mutant Mania, the residential halls compete against one another to see who is the best! During the competition, CoRE gets to host a few events. Each year CoRE comes up with a number of awesome events and picks the best two or three out of that list and brings them to Mutant Mania! To learn more about Mutant Mania, you can read about it on the Residential Life page.


Community Events


The following are recent events that CoRE hosted or helped with that satisfied our goals of synergy within the community and to promote technological advancement in our community.

Fall 2012

Maximize the Speed

CoRE worked with an RA in Whitney Hall to put on an event that taught users of both PC and Mac how to increase the speed of their computers. CoRE created two powerpoints for PC and Mac users that showed them what to do to make their computers run faster and start up faster.

Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament

Members of CoRE were asked by eboard members of the Dickinson Town Council if we could help them put on a Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament in the Dickinson C4 Fireplace Lounge. CoRE secured televisions and game systems and created a bracket to be used during the tournament. The turnout was very high and the community had a great time.

Spring 2013

Computer Workshops

CoRE members acquired recycled computer parts and used spare parts that belonged to us and created a number of computer workshops. Each workshop focused on a particular system in the computer and taught participants about that system and how it worked. In the last workshop, they brought all of the parts out and had everyone build their own computer so that they could see how it was done.