CoRE Lore

CoRE Lore is an annual event that occurs around Thanksgiving. Every year current CoRE members invite all of their alumni back to campus for a Thanksgiving-esque feast. The main part of CoRE Lore, besides eating of course, are the stories that the alumni tell. Anyone that has an interesting story or something funny to talk about from their time on CoRE can get up and reminisce with everyone. We eat, we laugh, and we have a great time.


CoREbecue is an annual event that is hosted near the end of the Spring semester. Current members invite alumni back for a barbecue and picnic in the park. Here, we enjoy the nice weather, good food, and even better company before the semester ends.

CoRE Hacks

CoRE hosts a hackathon for current members and friends of CoRE during the Spring semester. During this hackathon, members can work on their projects while receiving keynote speeches and eating pizza or other snacks. After 24 hours are up, our alumni will judge the projects and declare the winners.

CoRE Project Fair

Throughout the year, CoRE members will work on their own projects and then, near the end of the Spring semester, members host a project fair to showcase all of our hard work. Past projects include building T-shirt cannons, drones, or even creating a whole new programming language!

Senior Send-Off

Each year, underclassmen plan an event to send-off the seniors before they graduate and show appreciation for all their friendship and wisdom over the years. During this event, current members play games and tell stories about the seniors.