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Who we are

CoRE is a special interest housing community with a collection of students that share common interests in Computers, Robotics, and Engineering. Together, we create an awesome and diverse student body with majors ranging from Business and Biology to Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Living with CoRE means you get to live with people that are just like you! We all like the same things, share commons interests, and we can guarantee you will be making friends right away. Our residential floor is the most social and tight-knit floor on campus, hands down.

Our events & traditions

CoRE Lore


Our *CoRE* tradition - CoRE invites all of its alumni back to campus to eat and tell stories. Students and alumni network over dinner cooked by current CoRE members, and dessert brought by alumni. Current and past members speak about their experiences on CoRE and in industry.



Picnic time! CoreBQ is an event hosted towards the end of Spring semester, and alumni and friends are invited back for a barbeque at Stair Park. Here, we enjoy Binghamton weather, good food, and even better company before the year ends.

Food Runs

Whenever we want!

We’re notorious for our spontaneous food runs! From Taco Tuesdays at Garage Taco to late night fast food drive thrus to just going to marketplace at 5, you can always count on CoRE for a good meal and good company.

More events

Escape the Room


Around spooky season, we work together to make an escape room for other Binghamton students to solve!

CoRE Hacks


Our annual, 24 hour hackathon! We come up with and build cool projects together, eat snacks, and win small prizes.

Late night hangouts


Whether we’re beating Guitar Hero records, playing Jenga, or having deep philosophical conversations, at the end of most days we spend time together and bond.

Senior Sendoff


We send our soon-to-be alums off with a little ceremony and sharing dinner together.


Is there a requirement to join?

We’re looking for people interested in all things tech, robotics, and engineering - we don’t have a major or grade level requirement, though we tend to mostly accept incoming freshmen.

What happens when I’m in?

You’ll have access to a great community of individuals that you can grab meals with, goof off with, and learn from. You’ll be able to come to our events, and have the option to take a one credit class where you work on building a cool project.

Great, how do I apply?

You can apply through this form. From there, we’ll be conducting meetings throughout the spring semester where you can get to know our members and our community. We’ll be rolling out acceptances around the end of the academic year.

I have another question!

You can reach out to our President, Kaitlyn Freeth, at


Apply now.

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